How to remove cellulite on the legs and pope. Exercises for a week, a training program for girls

The problem of cellulite worries almost every woman, especially in adulthood. Legs, buttocks and thighs are the most common locations for the location of this pathology. How to fight and remove its manifestations, you can find out by examining the causes of cellulite.

The content of the article:

1 Why does cellulite appear on the legs and buttocks?

2 Stages of cellulite development

3 Rules of training from cellulite on the legs

4 Effective exercises for legs and buttocks at home

4.1 Deep squats

4.2 Diagonal attacks

4.3 Raising the pelvis

4.4 Wagging

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4.5 Buttock bridge

4.6 Planck

4.7 Bicycle

4.8 scissors

4.9 Weighted squats

5 Complex for a week for girls against cellulite on the legs

6 program of classes for the month

7 Integrated fight against cellulite

7.1 Massage

7.2 Contrast shower

7.3 Peels

8 Videos about exercises from cellulite

Why does cellulite appear on the legs and buttocks? Cellulite – changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. Visually, it looks like a raised, rough surface of the skin. However, external deficiencies are not the most important thing: a violation of lymphatic drainage can have serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution and ways to eliminate cellulite.

Causes of appearance can be:

improper unbalanced nutrition. Foods rich in fiber (vegetables, fruits, grains) contribute to the proper absorption of nutrients and the normal operation of the excretory system. Fatty, smoked and salty products violate the activity of almost all organs responsible for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;

metabolic disorders (chronic pathologies);

hormonal changes. Periods in life, such as childbirth or breastfeeding, significantly affect hormonal levels. Also, stress and unstable emotional state can lead to violations in this area;

genetic predisposition to the manifestations of cellulite. Sometimes it happens that with the absolute norm of all indicators, there are still visual structural changes. Correction for this reason is possible only by external means (cosmetic, physical exercise);

weight gain. This is one of the most important causes of cellulite. Overweight contributes to the accumulation and deposition of fat in problem areas, which leads to the formation of “orange peel”;

long stay in a vertical standing position. Work on the legs often leads to changes in blood vessels, expanding them, disrupting the right activity. With deterioration in blood circulation, congestion occurs under the skin;

uncomfortable shoes (heels). It is not recommended to abuse the wearing of high heels, as the load experienced by the vessels of the lower extremities, may adversely affect the proper operation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems;

insufficient amount of fluid consumed;

bad habits (alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs).

Stages of development of cellulite How to remove cellulite on the legs, you can determine viagra generic if you know exactly the stage of development of the pathology. Because the effectiveness of treatment depends entirely on the correct diagnosis. 1 or 2 degree easily removable with an integrated approach. 3 and 4 – require the correction of the whole lifestyle of a person; sometimes it can be quite difficult to get rid of the manifestations.

Stages of cellulite development:

Stage 1: virtually no visual manifestations. On palpation (squeezing the skin with fingers), small irregularities appear. More talk about the general swelling and lack of muscle tone;

Stage 2: a visual manifestation of some flabbiness and unevenness of the skin surface. When muscle tension effect “peel” increases. The affected areas often have reduced sensitivity;

Stage 3: rapidly progressing pathology, characterized by a decrease in sensitivity, rough skin surface (pits, ruts, creases). When you click on the areas you can find subcutaneous nodules of connective tissue. Visual clear manifestation of the “crust” in a relaxed and stressed state;

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Stage 4: the last neglected degree of pathology. The skin has an unhealthy gray shade, there is a large swelling and friability of tissues. Subcutaneous formations protrude, forming nodules, pits and bumps. Disrupted lymph flow and blood supply to tissues.

The rules of training from cellulite on the legs. The elimination of such troubles as cellulite is possible at any stage of manifestation. The main thing is an integrated approach that combines internal changes in lifestyle and the use of external means for correcting visual disturbances. There are several basic rules that must be followed when starting physical training.

Some exercises cannot remove cellulite, therefore it is important to have the right combination of complex measures:

quit bad habits, including drinking coffee and tea whenever possible;

follow a clear daily routine and mode;

establish a night’s sleep (at least 7 hours);

start an active lifestyle (refusal to use the elevator, walking, jogging, hardening, daily exercise);

consume large amounts of clean drinking water daily (at least 1.6-1.7 l);

go on a balanced and proper diet (exclude fried, flour, salty, smoked, fast food);

take care of body skin: clean, tone and moisturize;

train regularly, increasing the intensity and time of classes.

It is important to understand that it is impossible to achieve maximum results, focusing only on problem areas of the body.

Dropping excess weight is the first task that needs to be addressed. Strengthening all muscle groups and bringing them to tone is the next stage. Paying attention to each part of the body, you can not only get rid of the existing cellulite, but also prevent the appearance of new irregularities in other parts of the body.

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You should also take into account the fact that structural changes in the subcutaneous tissue occur for a long time. So, in order to return a slim and even body, it will take a sufficient amount of time (from 3 months). It is not recommended to stop intensive training after 1-2 months without seeing the desired result.

Effective exercises for legs and buttocks at home. How to remove cellulite on the legs, if it is not possible to visit the gym – the answer will be a call to start home workouts. They are no less effective with the right approach and performance.

It is advisable to equip a small space for classes and stock up on necessary accessories:



sport uniform and shoes.

Rhythmic music will contribute to the sporting spirit and an active mood for change. The set of exercises below is aimed at combating cellulite on the lower limbs. However, for good health, it is necessary to perform additional warm-up before exercise and stretching the muscles after.

Deep squatsSitches are a great exercise, designed to work out the back and front of the thigh. The work of the buttocks enhances the effect of slow performance.

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Stand in the starting position. Legs slightly wider than shoulders, knees bent. Hands bent, hold in front of you. Not to strain a neck, the look is directed before itself.

Slowly sit down, while the knees should not go beyond the level of socks. The hips should be parallel to the floor surface. Hands extend in front of you. Buttocks and thighs should be in tension throughout the exercise. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds.

Slowly rise. Buttocks do not relax until the end.

You need to repeat the number of times (at least 10-12 for a beginner level).

Slow performance guarantees the development of deep muscle layers and breaking up of subcutaneous stasis. Quick deep squats are also common. For effectiveness, a consistent alternation of these 2 techniques is recommended.

Diagonal attacks There are many types of attacks. All of them, one way or another, use the gluteus muscles.

The diagonal version of the exercise is aimed at improving the elasticity of the femoral muscles, as well as the enhanced work of the gluteus maximus muscle.

For a more noticeable effect, it is necessary to supplement the weight load by taking in the hands of dumbbells. Beginners are recommended to work with their own weight.

slimming training How to remove cellulite on the legs and pope. Exercises on ...

How to do the exercise:

Stand in the starting position with legs wide apart. Hands stretch along the body. If there are dumbbells, take them in hand. The back is straight, the pelvis seeks forward (twisted).

Using the force of the front thigh muscle, make a lunge with the right foot to the left side backwards diagonally. The body remains in place, the pelvis does not wag, it can withstand the load from the lunge. Hands rise to the level of the face in a bent state.

Stay in position for 3-5 seconds. and put your foot back in place. Hands down to the starting position.

Repeat all with the other leg.

Make the desired number of times (at least 10 times on each leg).

Pelvic risesOne of the most common exercises on the lower press are the rises of the pelvis from a prone position. However, the gluteal muscles and large muscles of the lower extremities also work, the back of the thigh is effectively worked through, where cellulite is most often localized in women.

Instructions for performing lifts of the pelvis:

Lie on the mat in the starting position. Hands stretch along the body. To press a loin in a surface of a floor. Bend your legs at the knees and position approximately shoulder-width apart.

Straining the buttocks, tear the pelvis from the floor, creating a straight line of the body without creases and dips.

Hold for 3-5 seconds. and relax down on the mat.

Repeat 15 times for the initial workout.

Swinging your feet Mahing your feet is a classic exercise for starting your sport training. There are several options for execution. When performing, it is necessary to follow the technique: do not lift too high the legs, the muscles should be as tense as possible and not relax even in the starting position.

How to perform mahi:

Lie on the mat on its side. Support to create on the elbow, palm to clasp the head. The second hand is located in front of him at the level of the abdomen. Legs lie one on another.

Raise the upper leg effort muscles of the thigh and buttocks. Hold her in this position for 2-3 seconds. and smoothly lower into place. Do not throw the leg, do not relax the muscles to the end.

Make the required number of repetitions (15-20).

Swap the side and repeat.

Buttock bridge An exercise similar to a pelvic rises is a gluteal bridge. The only difference is in the position of the shoulder joints. When performing the bridge they must be pressed to the mat.


slimming training How to remove cellulite on the legs and pope. Exercises on ...

Lie on the mat in the starting position. Hands stretch along the body. To press a loin in a surface of a floor. Bend your legs at the knees and position approximately shoulder-width apart.

Straining the buttocks, tear the pelvis from the floor, creating a straight line of the body without creases and dips. Watch the position of the shoulders: press them to the mat. Support should be exactly on the shoulders and feet. Visually, the position resembles a bridge.

Hold for 2-3 seconds. and Buy Steroids Online in Australia relax down on the mat.

Repeat 10 times for the initial workout.

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Plank How to remove cellulite on the legs every woman thinks. To solve this problem, it is advisable to perform complex exercises aimed at strengthening the entire muscular system. An example is the plank.

Instructions for implementation:

Stand in the starting position: lean on the tips of the toes and palms of the hands. The trunk is held in a straight position. This will only happen when all the muscle sections tighten. Hands and feet – shoulder width. A look to direct down, without straining neck departments.

Stay in the bar for 30 seconds. for entry level physical fitness. Each time, increase the time by 15-20 seconds. Focus on your own well-being.

Bicycle An exercise bike strengthens not only all the major muscles of the bark, but also the muscles of the lower limbs. The main mistake in the performance of the bike – bending of the waist. It can be determined by the formation of a gap between the body and the floor surface.


Set on a horizontal mat. Hands stretch along the body. Bend your legs at the knees to the formation of a right angle and lift up.

Alternately moving the legs as if riding a bicycle. It is important not to bend the legs completely, but to leave them slightly bent at the knees. Also, the socks should not touch the surface.

Keep kicking for 1 min. minimum. With each new workout, increase the execution time by 30 seconds.

Scissors Previous exercise is advisable to download the execution of scissors. This is a complicated version with straightened legs. The correct technique will ensure the pumping of the muscles of the buttocks, hips and legs.

Instructions for execution:

Set on a horizontal mat. Hands stretch along the body. The legs straighten, pull out the socks and lift up.

Alternately move your legs as if moving with scissors. It is important not to bend the legs. It is also necessary to monitor the loin: there should be no deflection

Continue to move your feet for 30 seconds. minimum. With each new workout, increase the execution time by 15 seconds.

Squatting with weight. Any exercise is more effective if you do it with weight. This gives a greater load on the muscles, thereby enhancing the effect of performance. Squatting with dumbbells – an advanced option for those who have mastered the initial load and is ready for more serious work on the muscles.

How to perform:

Stand in the starting position. Legs slightly wider than shoulders, knees bent. Hands hold the weight (dumbbells) and lowered down. Not to strain a neck, the look is directed before itself.

Slowly sit down, while the knees should not go beyond the level of socks. The hips should be parallel to the floor surface. Hands with a weight rise to chest level. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds.

Slowly rise. Give up.

You need to repeat the number of times (at least 10-12 for a beginner level).

The weight of the load must be selected based on its own body weight and physical level of training. Begin with the minimum load (1 kg).

Complex for a week for girls against cellulite on their feet. The process of getting rid of cellulite will depend on the regularity of training and other complex measures (massage, wraps, diet). It is not enough to remove the external manifestations from the legs and buttocks, it is important to eliminate the internal cause of the formation of pathology.

The complex of physical exercises for the week is shown in the table:

Exercise NamePonday

Friday Tuesday


SundayThursdaySpring3x152x25Plan1 min.2 min.1 min.2 min. Bike1 min.2 min. The basis will be a weekly workout, which should be repeated 4 times.

In addition, you need to add to the program:

walking at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes;

cardio training 2 times a week for 60 minutes;

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skis, skates, roller skates, a swimming pool (depending on the season) – once a week;

refusal to use the elevator;

active house cleaning – 2 times a week.

We should not forget about the external means of caring for your own body. All this together makes up a complex fight against cellulite.

Integrated fight against cellulite How to remove cellulite on the legs, the dietitian will be able to prompt along with the fitness trainer. It is these 2 specialists who have detailed information about the mechanisms of cellulite formation and how to combat it. The first rule of an integrated approach is a combination of physical exercises with body care.

MassageAnti-cellulite massage has a number of features, due to which the splitting of fatty lumps and alignment of the surface relief occurs.

slimming training How to remove cellulite on the legs and pope. Exercises on ...


mechanical rough kneading;

movement along the lymphatic fluid;

warming tissues with the help of special tools;

use of additional techniques (banks, massagers).

Massages must be taken by course, or performed independently at home daily after workouts.

Contrast SoulsContrast souls have a beneficial effect on the strengthening of the whole organism. Due to the temperature difference, the skin comes to tone, the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage processes are normalized.

Advantages of a contrast soul:

rejuvenation of the body;

increased stress tolerance;

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immunity strengthening;

relaxation of the nervous system;

cheerfulness and positive charge.

Peels Peels exfoliate the stratum corneum, renewing and strengthening the skin surface. This procedure is preferably carried out at least 2 times a week after active training. For the effect of losing weight, it is advisable to combine the wrap with peeling.

For maximum results, follow the following sequence:


Cold and hot shower.

Wrapping and peeling.


Many do not know how to quickly remove cellulite on the legs and bottom. Peeling is one of the quickest solutions to this problem.

The above techniques will help, how to remove excess weight, and solve the problem of cellulite. However, before starting classes you need to consult a therapist, which will help to find out the true reason for the appearance of irregularities in the legs and buttocks.

Article design: Anna Vinnitskaya

Video about exercises from celluliteAnti-cellulite complex from orange peel on hips:


The similar

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Interval training. Run fast and without injury

Taking into account the advice of Gerschler, let’s try to make a plan for a training session, including an interval run. Let’s start with the preparatory action. Your body is probably somewhat relaxed and has not fully recovered since the previous session. Maybe you are even a little afraid of another workout, because you work too hard.

Start by relaxing your mind, take your time. You can even walk to the start, then, for 20 minutes, run slowly, but maintaining a high frequency of steps. Many athletes are not warm enough. If possible, warm up not on a path, but in a park, a forest, or another place where you can concentrate on technique and breathing. Never do these stupid stretching exercises unheated. Never do static stretching exercises, they lead to injuries. Run any 10–15 minutes before doing any exercises. Then, for 5 minutes, do exercises that represent free movements that simulate running. Exercises with a large range of motion will allow you to run more freely.

seconds easily seconds

Now you are ready for interval training. Change into competitive shoes. If you plan to run 200 meters of 32 seconds, then start easily, performing the first few repetitions of 38 seconds, and gradually reducing the time to the planned level. For example, 38, 36, 34, 33 and, finally, 32 seconds. If you have never performed such a workout before, it is necessary to determine the length of the rest intervals that corresponds to your sporting form. To do this, during rest intervals, after the end of the fast stretches, lie down and measure the pulse as described earlier. During the first few intervals, the pulse will recover quickly, but after a few repetitions, their duration will come to about a constant value. The pulse values ​​for 6 second measurements can be 17, 17, 16, 16, 16, 15, 15, 15, 15, 14, 14, 14, 13, 13, 13, 12, and the total recovery time will take 80 seconds. Since you will be jogging during a training session, it will be about 10 seconds longer. Now you can start running at 90 second intervals, monitoring the pulse at every fifth interval. If the required recovery time exceeds 90 seconds, STOP TRAINING. Your body will also give you a signal in the form of rapidly accumulating fatigue.

Note that the maximum heart rate that you will be able to determine is approximately 170 beats per minute, as the pulse drops rapidly at such values. If you Natural bodybuilding. Down with Bodybuilding Chemistry – Coastal Family Health use an electronic heart rate monitor, then it will show the maximum pulse values ​​by the end of the run of the segments. If you measure 18 beats in a 6-second interval when measuring your pulse, then decrease your running speed so that you only have 17 beats.

seconds easily seconds

Control time intervals, not distance. For example, beginners may need to run 100 meters so that their heart rate rises to 180 beats per minute, and for some it will be enough to run no faster than 20 seconds.

Changing the parameters of interval training over time will reflect your progress. With the growth of preparedness, you will see that the time of intervals has significantly decreased, the number of runs has increased, and the length of the distance has increased from 100 m to 200, 400 and more, as stated in the article by Gerschler.

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This means that you have become more trained, interval training is perceived easier, and you can do it in a shorter time!

I did a crazy interval training, although today I don’t think it was necessary to do such huge amounts. Here are some examples of training sessions:

100 x 100 m in 15 seconds, easily 20 seconds.

80 x 200 m in 29 seconds, easily 30 seconds.

54 x 400 m in 64 seconds, easily 45 seconds.

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In addition to this workout, I ran for 1 hour to warm up and 20 minutes after the end of the session. The total class time exceeded three and a half hours.

Today, with many years of experience in interval training, we know that it suffices to limit ourselves to running 10–20 segments of 400 m in 60 seconds, at intervals of 25 to 30 seconds. When you reach this stage, it’s time to move on to the next stage of your training – preparing for the competition. Competitions require maintaining a constant high speed with short accelerations that will win the finish.

At this stage of preparation, you should begin to imitate competitive running, using fast and extremely fast running, continuing at times interval training (but not before the competition). Competition imitation includes:

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1. Tempo training, in which you run fast for 30-40 minutes.

2. Fast running of competition distances.

3. Repeated run with competitive speed for the greatest possible distance.

This training should continue for 6 weeks. For example, a runner of 5,000 meters, intending to show a result of 14 minutes, may try to run circles for 68 seconds. This will be enough, because thanks to the fast finish circle, the average speed in the competition will be higher. It is necessary to practice running around for 68 seconds in a circle for the maximum possible distance. The next stage will be a quick run lasting 14 minutes. This training will help to adapt to the duration of hard work at a competitive distance. After that you are ready to carry out approximate races on 5 000 meters.

Estimates are an integral part of the workout. At the beginning of the season, the athlete, as a rule, can run only 2 or 3 laps before starting to lose speed and get tired. In the second estimate, I usually felt a significant improvement, and could run 5 or 6 laps before the run began to degrade. After half a dozen estimations, my psychological state reached that stage, when, starting a run, I thought: “Only 12 laps ahead!”, “Forward!”, “Faster!”. “Faster!”, Not a painful struggle to reach the finish. My legs responded to this call and did not fight with a distance, but worked like a well-oiled machine. Many runners never knew such an attacking rush, even in competitions, as they were either discouraged by the results of the first estimations, or because they did not do them at all! Despite the fact that I set world records, I had to overcome this difficult psychological and physiological phase at the beginning of each running season – and you should be ready for it. You need to overcome this if you want to win. You must strengthen your will and your body. When you reap the benefits of your workout, you will forget how much effort it cost.

Keep in your head a picture of continuous movement. Interval training alone can overwhelm you and even destroy training. It is very important to fully use all the components of a balanced workout – interval running, pace running, tonic running and strength training – throughout the year, but only with a shift in focus depending on improving your form and the approach of the competitive season. Avoid exhausting interval loads – this is the most common mistake. As an athlete becomes more prepared, the trainer offers him to run an increasing number of fast 200 m and 400 m stretches, with ever shorter rest intervals. Such training looks good in the coaching report, but very quickly turns the champion into a wreck.

Interval training can be very destructive if it does not follow the rules of Gerschler.

So, do not force the speed, do not rush to shorten the length of the intervals and increase the length of the segments.

If it is required to work out a high competitive speed, then this can be done on segments run at maximum speed, with sufficient intervals of passive rest (reaching up to 20 minutes). Note that this is not an interval training, and other rules apply. For example, this type of training is as follows:

400 m (for 50.0), rest 20 minutes, repeat 4–8 times.

600 m (for 1.14), rest 20 minutes, repeat 4–8 times.

800 m (for 1.50), rest 20 minutes, repeat 4–8 times.

1,000 m (for 2.28), rest 20 minutes, repeat 4–8 times.

1,200 m (for 2.50), rest 20 minutes, repeat 2–6 times.

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2,000 m (for 4.58), rest 20 minutes, repeat 2–3 times.

The number of fast segments is inversely proportional to speed. Thus, the faster you run, the fewer reps you should do. During good weather, in the intervals between the stretches, passive rest intervals should be made, but not running, before the start of the next stretch, run to warm up one lap with small accelerations of 10–15 meters. After that, walk for a minute or two, preparing yourself for the next leg.

In order to prepare yourself for a quick run on the stretches, you need to include some accelerations in the warm-up. Start with easy running and exercises, then put on the spikes and run 6×100 meters, starting easily and gradually increasing the speed to the one with which stanoprime you plan to run through the training segments (for example, 16, 15.7, 15.3, 14.9, 14.5, and 14.0 seconds by 100 meters ). After the preparatory accelerations go jogging to the starting point. It is very important to carefully measure the speed of the preparatory segments, as it is necessary to develop a sense of the speed with which you run the training segments. During the preparatory warm-up runs, you should “wake up” a sense of rhythm, effort and running techniques.

To develop a sense of pace at a distance, it is important to carefully control the time at intermediate marks. For example, if an athlete is going to run 400 meters in 50 seconds, he must overcome 100 meters in 12.8, 200 meters in 24.5 and 300 meters in 37 seconds. Please note that the time for each subsequent 100 meter segment should be slightly less than the previous ones (given that the athlete starts at zero speed). The finish should be powerful, without a feeling of fatigue and loss of form. With a poor distribution of forces, time can be distributed as follows: 11 seconds, 11.5 seconds, 12.75 seconds, and 14.25 seconds. The athlete comes to the finish physically and psychologically devastated, and such a run does not bring any benefit.

In addition, Gerschler taught us to always finish 10 meters beyond the finish line. He paid great attention to how the athlete crosses the finish ribbon. At the Olympic Games in Helsinki, he almost had a heart attack when he saw Josie Barthel, who won the gold medal in the 1,500 m distance, just before the finish, he stopped running and almost let Bob Macmillan get ahead. Learn to run always on the finish ribbon, and not before it!

Training is much more than interval work. Along with fast running in training, you must practice competing in competitions. The aforementioned running time of training stretches implies the training of an athlete of international level, who is at the peak of his fitness. You must make the appropriate corrections. For example:

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1. 400 m to run for 60 seconds, then 58, etc., gradually bringing the time to 52, and even 48 seconds.

2. 600 m for 1.36, then 1.32, then 1.30, then 1.28, and maybe even 1.14.

3. 800 m for 2.04, then 1.58, then 1.54, and maybe even 1.48.

(N. B. At each training session, it is necessary to run the segments at the same speed; the indicated progress of the results should be gradual).

Such work can be built very flexibly and include a huge number of variations. Training should turn into an interesting game, consisting in the combination of various elements in the right quantities and at the right time. At the beginning of the year, training mainly involves running through the woods and over the hills. As your form improves, you can add interval training, and as the competition season approaches, quick stretches. With the beginning of the competitive season, interval training fades into the background, giving way to more and more rapid stretches (of course, with fewer repetitions) and competitive practice.

Gerschler taught that the maximum speed is generated by running 100 meter sprints. However, you must keep running throughout the year and not forget about strength training (see Chapter Five).

When I was in my best form, I was able to train from three to six hours a day, using interval training, fast stretches and approximate running of competitive distances. Every day in the sum, I ran a distance equal to marathon and even more. My body was able to withstand such loads due to the gradual many years of preparation. The only problem I encountered is a huge amount of worn-out shoes. But I did not wear out my body. For the sake of interest, I decided to record here several days of training sessions, which I spent before setting a world record of 5,000 meters (13.36.8) in 1956. (I warn you: this is not a workout plan that can be copied by an athlete who does not have many years of training and outstanding physical fitness.)

First day

7:30 AM – 30 minute run.

Noon – 4 x alternating 800 / 1,200 m (2.08, 3.11, 2.08, 3.11, 2.09, 3.12, 2.08, 3.13). The total time is three hours.

6 pm – 4 x alternating 800 / 1,200 m (2.08, 3.10, 2.09, 3.12, 2.09, 3.12, 2.09, 3.13). The total time is three hours.

Total per day: six and a half hours of running.

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Second day

7 am – 30 minute run.

Noon – 8 x 800 yards (1.58–1.59 alternating with five-minute jogging). The total time is two and a half hours.

The evening is 10 x 440 yards (57–58 alternating with four-minute jogging). The total time is two and a half hours.

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Total for the day: five and a half hours of running.

The third day

7 am – 30 minute run.

Noon – 12 x 440 yards (55–57 alternating with six-minute jogging). The total time is two and a half hours.

The evening is 4 x 1 mile (4.11–4.15 alternating with 10 minute jogging). Total time: two hours and forty five minutes.

Total per day: five hours, forty-five minutes of running.

Nowadays, when synthetic coatings are used at stadiums, rather than cinder tracks, the running speed has become significantly higher, and the running time of each lap can be reduced by one and a half seconds.

In addition to this training, I also carried out large amounts of strength work!

It is important to remember that what is palumboism when you run a test race, you need to do it in a less intense manner than that which is characteristic of competitions. Run freely and do not do sprint acceleration on the last lap, keep an even pace. The task of this training is to adapt the body and mind to the peculiarities of the distance traveled. My favorite runs included 2 miles for 8.40 – 9 min, four miles for 18.30–19.30 and three miles for 13.30–13.35. I liked to finish on these races quickly, running the last lap in 60–61 seconds, but not in full force (at the 5,000 meter competition I ran the last 440 yards for 53.8). You can conduct similar training at distances from 3,000 to 10,000 meters, without going beyond your abilities, although I am sure that very few runners can train like I did in the mid-50s. From the very beginning, you should train according to your level of training – try to restrain yourself a little.

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But how to determine your level of stress? How to find out the speed of running fast segments?

You need to find an experienced trainer who could give you a training program that matches your current level of training. It’s not always easy for a runner to do it yourself. If you are a coach, you should be very careful when determining the degree of preparedness of the student. It is very important to give the athlete a load that he can digest and recover to perform similar work the next day. I give my athletes tasks that they can easily complete – and then they always do them!

I take into account about 100 different factors that influence the preparation of the runner-champion. Most coaches take into account about 20 factors, some 45-50, and I know only one or two that take into account about 100 parameters of this art. With this I want to emphasize the following: (1) there are no such trifles in your lifestyle or training that are too insignificant to take into account their impact on the training process, and (2) it is very important to find a good coach, since it is impossible to build training based on a piece of paper (I mean the workout programs described in running magazines or my own workouts listed here). You need a mentor who could save you from thousands of mistakes made during training and competitions. A good doctor is also important (see Chapter Six on nutrition and vitamins).

Now, after a serious period of preparation, you have become strong and well prepared, and plan to take part in competitions. Before important competitions, you need to give your body unloading, and bring it into a state of higher performance. Most recently, I talked with the “leading” coaches, who adhere to the rule of sending athletes to competitions who have not recovered. It is not right! Bill Tumi told me that before winning a decathlon at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, he rested for five days! Apparently, the highlands played a certain role in the fact that this duration of rest turned out to be optimal. A runner can relax from hard work for three or four days before the competition, but he needs to do a bit of speed work the day before and even in the morning before the race to “clean out” the body, stimulate breathing, remind himself of the upcoming race, and make sure he is able to run. I set two world records for four days and competed eight times during the week, showing in the eighth competition a result close to the world record, thanks to the fact that I was able to recover during the competition! Thus, rest is a relative thing. Some of my recovery workouts would have killed a jogger before setting a world record. That Natural Bodybuilding – sports portal | Cool Men Hairstyles food is for one, poison for another. All people are different. A good coach can determine what the student needs for successful performance at competitions. If you are competing twice a week, then you will not have time to spend on other days high-speed, intense training. It will be enough twice a day for 40 minutes to run in the woods or on the golf course.

Psychologically it is important to take seriously every competition. Do not compete for training and do not train at competitions. Prepare for each competition in particular. Always try to show what you are capable of. Do not participate in competitions if you are injured, ill, or not ready. Create yourself a good history of participation in competitions, as this is the only way to avoid bad competitive habits, for example, to go the distance. Compete as it should or do not compete at all!

People ask me about the features of preparing for a marathon or 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 meters. Generally speaking, the best runners of 5,000 meters, if they train for a long time and if they want, will be able to compete with the best marathon runners. An example would be Carlush Lopes (13.16, 5,000 meters, 2:07 marathon), Alberto Salazar (13.11, 5,000 meters, 2:08 marathon) and Ingrid Christiansen (14.58 5,000 meters, 2: 21.06 marathon). For the best athletes, the length of the race is not a problem. Everyone can run for a long time, if he moves slowly enough, but if you try to break the speed of the race without having speed training, you will very quickly break. For example, Mary Decker ran 800 m for 1.56.3, and 10,000 m for 31.35.3 and proved that she is invincible at any intermediate distance. She could set a record in the marathon. If you have speed (either innate or acquired in training), then all your opponents are under the gun.

The training system described in this chapter will make you very fast and strong and will allow you to compete in a wide range of distances, with much better results than it seemed possible. All you have to do is to determine at what distance you want to compete. Either you like this distance, you have a predisposition towards it (or earn more money by competing at this distance …). You should concentrate more on a certain distance (distances) so that it does not work out, as they say, “a jack of all trades, but really can’t do anything.”

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